Comparing Yourself to Others: Can We Use it as a Tool for Self-improvement?

The answer is “Yes”, but only if you do a constructive comparison!

This may sound debatable to many readers as we are constantly hearing that we should not compare ourselves to others, we should only compare ourselves to the person we were yesterday, and we should have our own path to follow.

When we compare ourselves to others, few emotions arise relative to the object of comparison such as feeing of lacking, separation, envyness and discontent.

Famous quote on comparison:

Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

We all know that comparing ourselves to others is not at all good for our wellbeing, but is it really possible to completely stop doing that??

If your answer is “Yes” then that’s really awesome and please stick to it “Do Not Compare Yourself to Others”

But majority of us cannot resist ourselves on comparing as this is in the human instinct to compare ourselves to others on various aspects like physical appearance, financial status, career, luck, lifestyle, intelligence, and a number of followers on social media.

So how we can use this natural human behavior of comparison as a motivational tool for our personal development?

Through constructive comparison which involves analysis of the root factors responsible for the feeling of resentment and how you can focus and work on the particular thing (which you are comparing and feeling lacking in it) you want to make an improvement. For example, if you are comparing yourself on someone’s skill of being super organized, instead of showing any negative feelings towards yourself or towards that person, work on yourself to become more organized.

There are few steps to follow for doing a constructive comparison and turning it into motivation:

  • Do not compare on things that you cannot change or improve no matter how hard you try. Accept your current state and be grateful for whatever you have.
  • Give attention to your comparison patterns by bringing awareness to it and observe what kind of feeling you are expressing while doing so.
  • Whenever you perceive someone is better at something than you are, instead of feeling jealous or envious, genuinely appreciate it.
  • Now you don’t have to pursue everything you see in others. Ask yourself what you really want in your life and the answer should come from your heart and not based on what other people are telling us to have.
  • The things you really want in your life, chase them until it becomes your reality. But always remember to be grateful for what you have now with working on it.

Destructive comparison will leave you unhappy and dissatisfied and it can only waste your time and energy which you could have used for self-development.  

Replace negative emotions of comparison with appreciation and expressing happy feelings towards the other person can help you in using this comparing thing as a motivational tool for self-improvement.

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