3 Simple Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

Falling asleep quickly within a few minutes is like a dream to many of us.        

Millions of people around the world are suffering from insomnia and are sleep deprived. Many of them are not even aware of it that they are not having an enough sleep.

Only people who go through this can understand the worth of being able to sleep quickly. How each night becomes a big struggle for them by constantly making efforts to sleep with little or no success. In many cases, the brain becomes super active at night entertaining millions of thoughts and worries with inability to turn it off easily.

Sleeping peacefully for 7-8 hours daily is very necessary for our physical and mental health and if we continue to operate without enough sleep, we may develop some serious health conditions including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity. It also fastens the aging process.

Many factors contribute in our sleeping patterns, but stress and worry are strongly associated with our sleeping abilities. Thus, before trying any sleeping tricks, you need to work on the reducing your stress and anxiety levels.

Caffeine has a half-life of 6 hours and it can affect your sleep hence do not consume caffeine-containing beverage after 3 pm.

Research says a drop in your body temperature can help in sleeping so take a shower before sleeping and reduce the temperature of your room.

Here are the 3 simple ways to fall asleep fast:

1). 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

This is the most powerful technique to fall asleep within a few minutes.

This technique was invented by Dr. Weil which makes you feel more relaxed by increasing oxygen levels in your blood stream, slowing down your heart rate and releasing more carbon dioxide from the lung.

How to perform this exercise according to Dr. Weil:

  • Put your tongue behind your upper front teeth and keep it there during the whole exercise.
  • Exhale completely through your mouth making a whoosh sound.
  • Close your mouth and gently inhale through your nose to a mental count of four.
  • Hold your breath for a count of seven.
  • Exhale entirely through your mouth making a whoosh sound to a count of eight.

Repeat this for total of four times before stopping.

2). Sleep Meditation/ Sleep Relaxation Technique

A lot of audios and videos are available on the internet for guided sleep mediation which can help you in relaxing your mind and body to fall asleep fast.

You can also do sleep mediation by yourself – calm your entire body by releasing all the thoughts and focus entirely on your breath. Bring awareness to your body and your reactions, try to be in this state of no-thoughts for as long as possible. If you feel distracted with some thought, instead of forcefully avoiding it, accept it without judging and let it go, again re-direct your focus on your breath and relax.

3). Do Not Forcefully Try to Sleep

The harder you try and the harder you work at sleeping, you are more likely to fail on this.

Many people desperately try sleeping worrying about how the next day will be without having an enough sleep. This will get you into a more anxious state and you may end up trying sleeping for more than half of the night.

Shift your goal from trying forcefully sleeping to becoming more relaxed and be awake.

One experimental Study conducted at the University of Glasgow (UK) on insomnia patients shows surprising results when they incorporated reverse psychology (staying awake instead of trying sleeping). These patients were asked to stay awake with their eyes open which made them sleep easier and faster.

After getting into a relaxed state gently open your eyes with shutting down all your thoughts.

This technique is not a permeant solution, but you can use it if it is working on you as a temporary fix.

Try these above-mentioned simple strategies to fall asleep faster and improve your sleep patterns for better health and enhanced productivity.

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