Do Not Try to Control Your Anger Instead Let It Pass Through You

Controlling or suppressing anger can work as a temporary fix but this is not a healthy way to deal with it specifically when we are unconsciously expressing it frequently. Suppressed anger can lead to anxiety and depression.

Anger is a natural human emotion, so it’s completely OK to feel anger as it alerts us that we are experiencing something which we don’t want to experience. But it is very important for us to ensure that it is not taking control over us and not becoming destructive.

If you deal with anger correctly by analyzing why it is happening in the first place instead of promptly reacting to it, you can save yourself from its damage.

Now this is not at all easy to think about all these stuffs when you become angry as we lose our ability to think clearly and act rationally in this state. Also, we will not able to hold our perspective and communicate effectively. That’s why we say some terrible things which we don’t really mean it and sometimes it may turn into violence.

Learning how to deal with anger in the correct way is an incredible challenge. It will not happen overnight, you have to work on this consistently and train your mind to learn how not to react and develop patience. This process might be different for everyone depending upon the individual’s state of mind.

If you are experiencing anger specifically for few unpleasant things, then develop a curiosity to understand why it is happening, use your anger to understand yourself and list down all the things that would make you unhappy and angry. Start working on each thing in the list and make a peace with them by acceptance and forgiveness.

Do not try to prove yourself to others or forcefully try to change them, their opinions or actions are based on their conditioning and beliefs, accept them the way they are and forgive them.

Next time when you experience anger, do not suppress it or try to control it instead fully feel it by adopting these 5 healthy ways to express anger as below:

5 Healthy Ways to Express Anger

And if you are constantly feeling angry for little things that indicate your mind is not at peace and you may be holding on many undesirable events from the past or immensely unhappy with your current situation.  In this case, you must let go of every past traumatic experience by forgiving and accepting your current situation the way it is.

Research says continuous anger explosion will increase the risk of heart attack, and it is associated with skin disorders and digestive problems too. It’s a disaster for our mental well-being. So, if you are badly caught by anger you need to start working on it because if you don’t then it can aggravate and keep on increasing.

As for every human emotion, there is an underlying cause for its origin, we can also identify the origin of anger and if we learn to make a peace with it by acceptance, forgiving, or letting go (depending upon the situation) we will be able to handle anger in a constructive way.

3 thoughts on “Do Not Try to Control Your Anger Instead Let It Pass Through You

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  2. Well said, Most of the time we search for various techniques or methods on how to control your anger. But you can’t control it every time. Let your anger flows but at time it’s also important to notice when it is required to control it and when not. And, in this medication works well in controlling mind and is also important. Hypnosis can be consider as an effective technique to have a control on your mind.


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